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Robot 2 movie trailer | Box Office | Hd,3D | Hindi | released

Robot 2 Movie Trailer Review

Guys, I have all seen the trailer and I am really very very……. Much impressed with the trailer.
I really loved it as the movie is just like what I had expected.

The Robot 2 movie is produced by the company LYCA production + Dharma production and has been associated with Karan Johar

And presented by SUBASKARAN.


Guys, my both favorite hero Rajnikanth sir and Akshay sir is in the movie and VFX in the movie is really very good and as looking similar to the Hollywood. But there are also many peoples who are not happy with the VFX of robot 2. 


I really loved all the action scenes in the movie. And the robot 2 movie song is really very cool in the background of the teaser and all the scenes of the mobile phone action in the movie is looking very much thrilling and the fight between the crow and the Chitti is looking too much cool and I am expecting a lot from this movie.
You should also see the teaser so that you can judge and can assume too that how the movie is going to be?

 The movie has spent over 550crore rupees which is the first high budget movie in India. 
And the director Shankar sir has really given a very highly sci-fi film which is going to break all record.

5 amazing spine-chilling scenes in the 2.0 movie trailer:

1. The crow man in the middle of the tower
Firstly the man in the tower where many crows Are moving around that man. And the suspense is that whether that man is good or evil.


2. The scary face of Akshay Kumar

There a scene comes in which the scary face of Akshay Kumar displays.  Seeing this the Rajnikanth In the movie gets surprised.


And one scene also comes in which Akshay is displayed in which he has been shown in the wild nails

3. Ocean of Mobile phones

A scene comes in which an ocean of mobile phones looks which was made as every mobile phone gets attract towards the sky. This scene Is also very amazing.


4. The flying robo hawk 

A wild flying hawk has been shown for which Chitti has been sent to destroy. The hawk in the movie has been sent to destroy the building.


5. Chitti new look..!

The last of the teaser in which the Chhiti has been shown in a new look in which Rajnikanth has been makeover very smartly and this look has also impressed many persons.


Somewhere the movie teaser has been liked too much by the audience but somewhere some audience are not liking the VFX in the film 
There are many persons who had compared it with baahubali 2 and liked baahubali 2 more amazing than robot 2.
So what is your experience share with us..!

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