Sunday, September 16, 2018

Namaste England movie trailer | Releasing Movie..!

Namaste England movie trailer

guys, as you all know that Namaste England is the 2nd part of movie Namaste London. And guys, the trailer has been released and is really getting too much attraction and also very affection from the public.

Namaste England trailer has also got views in millions on youtube.

Are you all waiting for the movie Namaste England?

Friends, I know that you all are waiting a lot for the movie.

2nd part of Namaste London 

Guys, actually this is the 2nd part of movie Namaste London. And guys the more interesting thing is that will it break the box office record of Namastey London as i am seeing a lot of craze for the movie.

But the time will tell all the thing whether the Namaste England movie breaks the record or not.

Actors and Actresses Changed..!

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra are playing the lead role in the movie which is different from the cast of Namaste London.

Arjun is playing a character of parma and Parineeti is playing the character of Jasmeet

Namaste England movie story

By seeing the trailer I realize that the movie is going to move the whole story between these two couples.

Both first get married and enjoys their life after marriage. But there comes a twist when the dream and career of Jasmeet comes. For completing her dream Jasmeet went to London to fulfill her dream.
Here the question arises whether she forgets her love or Arjun will cooperate her in every step of his life. Will the love of param force Jasmeet to return to her country.

I think that this type of questions has also triggered on your mind after seeing the trailer. So guys, what will happen in the movie it will just come after the releasing of the movie.

Their chemistry...

Arjun and Pareineeti had also played a lead role together in the movie Ishaaqbaaj and their love chemistry was very much loved by the peoples.

And after seeing the trailer It is looking that this time also their chemistry will amaze the public and they also love it in this movie too.

The movie contains a lot of things.

The movie contains drama, romance and much more thing which makes the movie more engaging with the people and the movie was directed by the Vipul Shah

The Namaste England movie is going to release on this Dussehra on 19th October.

So guys, just share your experience with us too that how was the trailer according to you.

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