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Top 7 crazy facts of Robot 2 to know

Are you guys crazy about the upcoming robot movie?

I have seen the Robot 2 fan-made trailer which was really very amazing. and I am seeing a lot of craze for this movie.
I think that this is going to break the baahubali 2 box office record.
Guys this is already containing The Bollywood superstar Rajni Kanth and Akshay Kumar.
The director has released some facts about this movie.


I have come to know that there are many amazing robot movie facts from the outsourcers.

1. Rajni Kanth and Akshay Kumar is acting for more than one Role

      One thing that I came to know that there is more than one role which is going to be played by Rajni Kanth. Some are positive and some are negative.


From outsourcers, we came to know Rajni Kanth is going to play 5 roles which are really going to blockbuster in all 2018 Bollywood movie.
One of the roles played by Rajnikanth will be a scientist and a robot and one has a negative role and two more will be of two short persons.

The Bollywood superstar Akshay has more than 9 roles. It's really amazing.

Guys, I think you are already liking Akshay as a villain and how you will love him as some more another roles.
As Akshay is playing leading role of Villain so he has to take too much time for the makeup for which he always has to come up at the set very soon.

2. Amy Jackson in playing the leading role.

Guys, Amy Jackson is playing the leading role for Rajni Kanth and Director Shankar has not yet released what is the role of Amy in the movie? and it's really a very great suspense.


But guys, One of the shoots in foreign creators have share one of the photo of Amy as being acting as a robot in front of Rajni sir. so It is probable that any can be  leading a role of the robot. 

3. It is too much secure

     Guys, there is too much security and privacy in shooting this movie and even the creator is not allowed to bring their mobile phones.

But due to some of the reasons The photo of the villain role of Akshay has leaked.

4. Too much VFX in song 

Guys, there are almost five songs which have been singing by A.R. Rehman.
And guys, one of the song was going to shoot in Ukraine But Rajni sir got ill due to which the song was shooted in India and using VFX all the background scene of Ukraine was shown.

5.  Why named 2.0?

Guys, Almost many creators have decided to name the next part of the robot as robot 2 but due to some law problem, it has to named as 2.0 which is really very trending.

6. First movie to dubbed in many languages.

Guys, Seeing its popularity the movie is going to be released in some 15 languages which is going to make it the first Bollywood movie to be dubbed in so much language.


And Guys, this is the first movie to be shoot in direct 3D and has been used so much futuristic technology and also shown many futuristic things in this movie.


7.  The movie has already earned 110 crore rupees.

       Guys, the movie has already been purchased by zee to watch on television and it had also bread the record of baahubali 2 as baahubali 2 has been purchased only of 78crore.

So, guys, this movie is really going to break all record.


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