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Why you should see dangal review?

Dangal Reviews

Guys,  I  think you all have seen the movie dangal and I want to tell you about my views related to dangal and if you haven't seen the dangal movie then reading this blog you can judge whether you should see this movie or not? OR why you should watch this movie or why not?
There’s no doubt that people loved too much dangal movie and It performed fantastically on box office due to which i am giving dangal review.  I got really very excited when the movie trailer was launched and I was really feeling that I should also be a wrestler. Guys, you can also see how much inspiring the trailer was.

Guys, I am plotting this movie story here and if you find this dangal review amazing then please share it with your friends and you can also read some interesting scenes in the movie.
friends, this movie is totally based on real life and it is really very inspiring for the whole Indians that a girl can also do wrestling and can achieve anything they want.


Once upon a time that a wrestler named Mahavir Singh phogat who was an amateur wrestler and was the resident of balali. He has to leave his wrestling career to earn some money because of which he was unable to win the national championship. So he determined that he will make his son do this. But he got 4 daughters. So he loses his hope and gets too much disappointed. But one day his two elder daughters beat a boy in response to his abusing words. So then seeing this phogat got too much happy and thought that if a boy can do wrestling then why a girl can? So he determined himself that he will make his daughters a very great wrestler and will give a very strict training to them so that they can become a medalist in wrestling and can play on the national level.


So from tomorrow morning phogat begins their training. And seeing this his daughters were really very sad about this strict training and were cursing themselves that why they have beaten that boy? So during this training, The girls have to take a short hair cut due to which they really got sad. The villagers were cursing phogat for his work and were saying him shameless that he is running his daughter in half pant. But phogat was determined that he will make them a very good wrestler and just used to avoid these villager's talk.
One day there was a wrestling competition in another village. phogat takes his daughters in that village to fight with the champion boy of that wrestling match. But unfortunately, Geeta(his elder daughter) gets loose. But phogat doesn’t worry that his child gets loose instead he sees that there is too much of improvement in the fighting strategies of Geeta (his elder daughter).
Guys, I assure you that the scenes in the movie in which mahavir phogat’s daughter tries to run away and save themselves from the training were very funny. You should see this movie. Actually you will love it.

Guys, when Geeta gets some older then Mahavir sends him to a national academy so that she can prepare for the commonwealth games. The training given by the coach in the academy was very strict and really very opposite to that of Mahavir. So she began her journey towards wrestling in that academy. But slowly geeta starts getting away from her target and becomes very unfocused and gets some undisciplined. During the home visiting time, she defeats his father in wrestling just for her arrogant. After some time she gets back in her academy and when the match for the nationals starts she gets defeat and realizes her mistake. After that time she began practicing very hard. Then Babita(his second elder sister) also wins on state level due to which she also gets admit in her elder sister's academy there she always uses to encourage her sister and also realizes her that she should respect her father during the time of wrestling with her father. And she realizes her mistake. She began practicing very hard. When the match for finals was going to start she plays semifinals and more matches before finals. Her father used to tell her strategies in sitting in the audience and following this she won every of her match. Seeing this her coach begins jealous for her and her father. And in final he plays the trick that he closes up the phogat in a room till the finals get an end. But after too much hard work and applying her own strategies. Geeta wins her match and becomes very inspirational for other women in the Indian society.

Guys, this movie was very inspirational for women and guys it teaches us many social beliefs.
I have written this dangal review to realize you all that you should obey girls in every work whether it is work like wrestling.

Thank you guys, 

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