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Baahubali review

Baahubali review

Have you seen Baahubali?

The silliest question ever for any person who is living in India as baahubali is the biggest blockbuster movie in the whole Bollywood. Guys, I think anyone even has not imagined that a south film can break the Bollywood's all record.

Guys the whole movie was very interesting and I really liked it and the most interesting thing which I liked most was the suspense that why Kattappa has murdered baahubali..? This most interesting thing which I had liked about it.
Guys, here I will plot the whole story and review it and will also share my experience while seeing the movie.
Before that just see the baahubali trailer...!

Guys, the baahubali starts with a scene in which a woman carrying a child who was wounded very badly and was just going to die. Before dying she, however, saved that child and left her in a basket. Later he was adopted by a villager’s woman named sanga and her husband. They named their child shivudu. Shiv was very powerful and amazing child who was very adventurous. Guys, he was very skillful in the warfare works. He was also a very kindful person. He was also very determined and also loved her mother very much. Guys, there was a very big waterfall near the village and he was very curious to know about the thing behind the waterfall and tried much time to go behind that waterfall.

Slowly he grows up and gets very strong. One day a mask falls from that waterfall and he analyzed that the mask was a girl’s face. He decides that he will go upside of that waterfall and baahubali also tries many times and failed every time. But one day determining that he will see that mask girl’s face. he gets to climb up that waterfall. And discovers the place behind that waterfall. And he founds that the mask belongs to a girl named Avanthika, who was a rebellious warrior of a group led by Devasena's brother who was engaged in guerrilla warfare against Emperor Bhallaladeva of Mahishmati to rescue their former queen Devasena. Avantika is given the opportunity to rescue the queen. She falls in love with Shivudu after finding out that he climbed the waterfall for her. Shivudu pledges to help her in her mission and sneaks into Mahishmati to rescue Devasena.


Guys, for saving the were, baahubali enters into the Mashismati kingdom. And when he entered the kingdom he saw that there are people who are being worked forcibly and seeing this he shocks and starts finding Devasena. However, he saves devasena and manages to run away from that kingdom with that woman. But bhallaladeva's son just sees there and run after the shivudu and the slave-soldier Kattappa was also chasing the shivudu. Shivudu kills the bhallaladev son and when Kattappa was going to murder the shivudu he just sees the face of shivudu who has the same face as his late king Amrendra baahubali. And then he realizes that shivudu is the son of Amrendra baahubali who is  still alive. Then Kattappa narrates the whole story about Mahismati and about his father.

kattapa baahubali-review

He narrates that his father Amrendra’s father died a long and Amrendra’s mother died while giving birth to him. His uncle Bijjaladeva was considered unfit to rule due to his fraudulent nature, however, he believes he was denied the throne due to the fact that one of his arms is disabled. Bijjaladeva's wife Sivagami assumed control of the kingdom with Kattappa's assistance until a new king could be selected. Amarendra was brought up together with Bijjaladeva and Sivagami's son Bhallaladeva. Both young men were trained in arts, science, disguise, politics, and warfare, but they had different approaches towards kingship. While Amarendra was gracious and loved his countrymen, Bhallaladeva was violent and achieved his goals by any means possible.


After the growing up of both child Amrendra and bhallaladeva, it was known that mahismati was going to be attacked by an army of savages called Kalakeyas. Bijjaladeva proposed that the prince who killed the Kalakeya king Inkoshi would be the future king of Mahishmati to which Sivagami and the chief minister agrees. Inkoshi rejected Sivagami's offer of peace and insulted her by saying he will have children with her. An enraged Sivagami ordered that his limbs were chopped off and body fed to the vultures. While Bhallaladeva used sophisticated weapons given by Bijjaladeva, Amarendra used simple yet effective tactics in the war. As Amarendra was about to slay the king, Bhallaladeva swung his weapon from a distance and killed him. Sivagami announced Amarendra as the new emperor despite Bhallaladeva killing the king because of the fact that he shielded and protected his own countrymen throughout the war. while Bhallaladeva did not do this when kalekyas put their Mahismati's villagers. So Amrendra was also saving his villagers and also was killing the savages child.
After narrating this story shivudu asks that where is his father? then kattappa replies that amrendra baahubali is killed. then getting shocked, shivudu asked that who has killed his father.? kattappa replies that he had himself killed amrendra. 

killing of baahubali

It was really a very great suspense as kattappa was like amrendra's uncle and spent many times together.
Guys, this was all baahubali review I hope that you had liked the post.


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