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Tiger Zinda Hain

Tiger Zinda Hain


Guys, As you all know that the movie was released on 22nd December 2017. Guys, when I heard about the upcoming of the movie Tiger Zinda Hain then I was really very excited and was waited for the realizing of this date. But after seeing this movie.  I was really got upset about seeing its story and don’t mind it if you liked the story. I’m not trying to oppose anyone. I am just sharing my experience with you.
When I saw the trailer which was like that,

I was really very amazed by seeing the stunts and all other actions. And when in trailer tiger(Salman Khan) fires all the terrorist very enthusiastically, I really felt very action mood that time and it’s normal as if we see south film’s action then same happens and we come into a very action and furious mood.
Guys, I saw this movie on my home computer by purchasing the DVD. And guys, I also want to tell you that I was unknown about the fact that tiger zinda hain is a second part of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. But when I saw about half an hour movie then I was some shocked. Guys, I also like the scene when tiger fights with wolfs in starting but when I tried it compared to real life it really seemed very fake

.I loved the song “Dil Diyan Gallan “ and I really got a fan of this song and still I like to listen to this song on every single day. Guys, when tiger’s leader tracked them then I was really inspired when tiger showed his computer from which he hacked almost every of his leader server. Guys movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hain ‘ is really fantastic in terms of action and after these scenes when tiger says I will work with my chosen RAW member that time I really got a fan of his attitude. And the member chosen by him were Rakesh, Namit, and Azaan who were expert in their fields.
After that when they enter into the Syria which was the city totally controlled under ‘Abu Abbas ’(The leader of IS). That time the movie was becoming very suspicious and totally got me an interest in it.
After that, they have to enter into the oil refinery which was some difficult task but was managed somehow by them. And from that, the whole planning made by Avinash(tiger) to escape from the oil refinery was some amazing. But some action during these scenes was looking too much fake.
Their plan to bombard in the oil refinery so that they could show them as wounded and can go to their targeted place ‘The Hospital in which all INDIAN and PAKISTAN  nursed was kidnapped’ was successfully managed but they were seen by the guards but they somehow beat them and managed their plan.
After reaching the hospital, the plan was got unsuccessful in saving out all the nurses and tiger were caught by the Abu Abbas (The leader). That time I thought that they will be killed by the ISC. But fortunately, they were saved. And the Ending was superb as the tiger(Salman Khan) shot all the ISC guard all alone that action was looking too much great and by seeing that I felt very enthusiastic and it was really very energetic.
Guys, from this movie tiger zinda hain we can see always the truth wins.
Guys, I have told you all the positive things about the movie but the things I didn’t like about the movie were how can just some 8 or 9 agents of India and Pakistan beat all the lakhs of guards of ISC. That really felt me very disappointed as it was looking all fake. And the actions performed by the tiger and other members of raw and ISI was too much fake as no one was killed after so much of firing.
After all, the movie was very amazing and I enjoyed the whole movie and hope that you have all enjoyed the movie And If you haven’t seen the movie then you after reading this whole you have all understood about the story of the movie so it’s all your mood to see it or not.
And one more thing “Tiger Zinda Hain” or “Tiger is living”.
And guys, one more thing you should see movies or listen to songs to release your stress as the life is one and you should all enjoy It.
Thanks for reading….!
tiger Zinda Hain.

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