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Do you really want to know Golmaal again reviews ?

    Would you really like to know Golmaal again reviews...?

Guys, I have seen Golmaal again many times and I really loved this movie as it is really very funny and I loved all the actor’s acting very funny and here I will give you Golmaal again reviews

The movie was released on  20th October 2017.
Guys, I loved the story as well as all the funny scenes.
Guys, I saw this movie on television and I really felt awesome as well. When I started watching the movie then the first scene comes as the song which was the title song of Golmaal again. From here I will give you the whole review of Golmaal again.
In starting all It comes about the childhood of that 5 friends Gopal, Madhav, lucky and there were two Laksmana. Gopan and Lakshman 1 were very good friends and the Madhav lucky and Laksmana 2 were also very good friends. But I think they all were very good friends but just the team of Gopal and the team of Madhav just used to tease each other.

                                     Golmaal again reviews or trailer

Then they found Khushi a girl near the gate they all used to keep happy all the time to Khushi.
But just because of some reason they 5 have to leave that orphanage and just after some years, they both started their own business. They both have the same work just to run away the moneylenders. Madhav’s team do this by pretending the ghost and scare them. And Gopal's team used to beat them as he was a very furious person.
All the five were invited to reunite as on jamnadas' death occasion. They were invited to honor the jamnadas. And when they all come then they see there is nothing much has changed in the orphanage, the same painting, and many things were same.
Then Madhav thinks about a prank to scare the Gopal. he just convinced Gopal to go the old bungalow and when Gopal alone goes there then Madhav scared him. And from there the funny fighting between Gopal and Madhav starts.
Then there they all 5 meet up the colonel and they also meet Damini who was a ghost and Anna got shocked and she understood that this is all about the magic of god.
And from that time there are many funny fightings occur between the Gopal and Madhav group like fighting for just a samosa.


And on the death anniversary of jamnadas, businessman Vasu Reddy reveals that he will shift all the orphanage child somewhere else and he was planning to make a building there for profit.
Then Anna tries to convince them to save the child of the orphanage and how to fail their planning. After Gopal gets in the love of Damini and Madhav forces him to tell her about her feelings and after some days when the Gopal was sitting beside Damini to tell about his feelings. Then the 4 came to know that the paapi’s girlfriend Damini was alive and they also came to know that the ghost is sitting beside the Gopal and the ghost of Damini was Khushi in real.
Then they 5 friends try to run away from the orphanage but however, they could not do so as Khushi stops them by his power. But somehow Gopal manages to do so.and he very shockingly says this thing to Anna and anna reveals all the truth about he past of Khushi then after some time Gopal and others decide to take revenge from the Nikhil and Vasu reddy. Then they made a plan so that Nikhil and Vasu reddy confess about the murder. So their plan starts in which they 5 calls their one of the friend to become a baba to scare Vasu reddy so much and it happens too. Then Vasu Reddy also comes to Anna to get free off the ghost but it was all the plan and it was just going to happen just that time the Nikhil comes from the abroad and he says to Vasu reddy about the plan they had made to convince about the murder and to send them jail. Just Nikhil gets his gun to shoot them but just that time Khushi comes and start beating Nikhil but however, they were saved by them as they understand Khushi that the law is not in her hand but they should be punished according to the law.

And guys this was all the movie which I really like as there was too much comedy and we can say that always the truth wins.And guys, here it is the Golmaal again review.
The movie was really amazing and if you want to laugh a lot then just see this movie with your whole family.

Thank you 

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